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Bayley: Legendary


Ink, marker, and watercolor on 15" x 20" watercolor paper

Artwork by Rob Schamberger

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I say this often, but I want my portraits to not just look like the subject, but to FEEL like them. Since Bayley's character evolved I've had a hard time finding a way in to make something more than just a representational painting. I want to make something special, you know?

The difficulty I've had is that so much of what she's doing that's working is in her reactions to things and the words she says, both things that don't translate so well to a still image. I finally cracked it and made a fairly complex background that frames her face. I went with a monochromatic approach on her face so that the expression becomes the focus of the whole composition.

That sarcastic smirk that sums up Bayley's whole character and where she's at right now. There's confidence there, but not in a sympathetic way.