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Randy Savage: Extra

Ink, spray paint, acrylic and watercolor on bristol board

Artwork by Rob Schamberger

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If I were to sum up the Macho Man Randy Savage's persona in one word, it'd be 'Extra'. The look, the promos, the in-ring work, all of it was extra. With this piece I set out to represent that by throwing everything at the bristol board that I could: Ink, watercolor, acrylic, color hatching, spray paint and all of the dang colors.

I had a client once say to me, "This one is special. We need you to use all of the colors on it."

All of the colors.

I've made fun of that for years, but this time around that mentality actually works and fits with someone like Randy Savage. You can't do too much or go too far with him, it'll always still feel like not enough.

And yes, if I were to sum up the Macho Man in two words, it'd be, "OOOOHHHH YYYYYEEEAAHHH!"

Dig it.