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SELECT SERIES: NXT Four Horsewomen Edition

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Every year I do a new Four Horsewomen piece around this time, so I thought it'd be rad this year to do it as a Select Series wave. To have even more fun, I went back to their early days in NXT, before they'd found themselves and were really on their way to be who each of them are now. Sasha Banks before she was the BO$$. Bayley not only before she cut the hair off, but before she was a Hugger. Charlotte Flair before being the Queen, and even before she started using her last name. And Becky Lynch before she was The Man, before the steampunk Lasskicker.

There's power, I feel, in being able to look back at each of them and seeing what was in them then to lead them towards their superstardom of today. For all of us on our own unique journeys, there's something there to look at and to see where we were, where we are now, and where we may be going.