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Seth Rollins: Over the Top

Acrylic, ink, watercolor and colored pencil on 14" x 17" bristol board

Artwork by Rob Schamberger, painted in 2022

With Seth Freakin' Rollins being so over the top, so -extra- nowadays, I knew that for this new painting I needed to go wild myself. I thought, what ostentatious elements could I add to push this to the limit? And then I knew: Gold freakin' paint with tropical flora and fauna! It's ridiculous, right? The exact kind of things you'd expect to see in the patterns of his suits.

I recently had the pleasure to vacation on the Hawaiian island of Kauai and like any good tourist I took a ton of photographs of everything I saw, so the parrot, koi and flowers are all from that. Gold paint doesn't come across the same in a photograph, but you can still see gradients in this shot as it reflects the light. The flora and freakin' fauna were done with a mix of watercolor and colored pencil to set them apart from the flat background and Rollins' figure. I then used a touch of watercolor for his face, but with a muted palette to really frame him with everything else happening to bring the composition together.

Not freakin' bad!