$15.00 $25.00

Select Series Wave Fifteen: Firefly Funhouse Edition! 

Ink and watercolor on watercolor paper

Artwork by Rob Schamberger

Printed on four 4" x 6" 130 pound uncoated cover stock prints, perfect for framing! Limited to 50, signed and numbered by the artist.

And now for something completely different.

When I started the Select Series I wanted to do a collection that would be EVERYTHING. Every wrestler under the WWE umbrella, all of their looks, and everything else. Bray Wyatt has been my way to best do that, first going through all of his looks and now all of the supporting cast.

Even if they're puppets.

Also, all Select Series waves in 2021 will come with one of these original 4" x 6" paintings of The Fiend! I made 24 total, 17 on the black background and 7 on the red. Freaky-looking, aren't they?

Set 1 of every wave will come with one guaranteed and then there will be one more in each wave inserted randomly. Especially right now buying a piece of original art may not be the easiest thing to do, but I want more of my collectors to experience what it's like. Even though I used a stencil to make these, they're all slightly different and unique. So the one you get is The One.