Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair

Watercolor on 20" x 15" watercolor paper

Artwork by Rob Schamberger, painted in 2022

This confrontation between Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair has been a runaway train since Becky's surprise defeat of Bianca at SummerSlam 2021 and the skills I've been developing to make this painting have been the same. I've been learning a lot of new skills as a painter of late as well as new tools and this is my first large painting utilizing them all together.

Inspired by a superhero comic book two-page spread for the explosive layout, I wanted the two combatants to be in the ring, the colors of the background evoking the explosiveness they both bring, and then the ring ropes creating a framing of their face-off.

Once I had that laid out, I used liquid mask for everywhere I wanted to stay the white of the paper and then laid down a light undercoat of paint. I then built up layers, working from warm colors to cool to flesh out their forms as well as the explosive background framing the action.

I'm happy with how all of these elements came together and am eager to push it even further in future paintings!