Big E

Ink and watercolor on 11" x 15" watercolor paper

Artwork by Rob Schamberger, made in 2021


Maybe my favorite thing in WWE from the past year has been watching Big E put all of the pieces together. He's got the look, obviously. As an artist, if I were to close my eyes and imagine what a professional wrestler looks like and then draw what I saw, when I opened my eyes there'd be a picture of Big E. He's got THE look.

He's obviously extremely great on the microphone and in promos. He can effortlessly switch between goofy hilarious bits and go right into being very serious. He has the charisma to back it up as well. Charisma from here to the next solar system and back.

And in the ring?

Man, he Gets. It. Done. Anyone with eyes who watched his time with New Day can see that as plainly as the noses on their faces. Being an 8-time WWE Tag Team Champion doesn't just come out of nowhere, you know? He's got all of this, plus he's got respect and one of the most critical things: He makes everyone he's in the ring with look even better.

I've talked with people who were there for things like the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin and if they realized in the moment that something special was happening. I have a feeling that years from now someone's going to be asking me the exact same thing.

Here's another prediction: If Big E isn't walking into next year's WrestleMania as either the WWE or Universal Champion, he'll be walking out as the champion.