Candice LeRae: Poison Pixie

Colored Ink and Colored Pencil on 14" x 11" Bristol Board

Artwork by Rob Schamberger, painted in 2022

I did some fun experimentation with this new Candice LeRae painting. I used what I call ‘double masking’ where I first applied some masking fluid to keep the white of the paper intact. After putting down a layer of watered-down colored ink I affixed some painter’s tape to create a rectangle in the upper left corner and then added another layer of thinned-out violet. This created a neat juxtaposition of organic and geometric forms with the color, before pulling up the masking fluid and finishing Candice’s form off with more violet ink and a little colored pencil for texture.

I’m definitely going to continue to experiment with multiple levels of masking in the future because I’m loving the results on this!