Daniel Bryan

Ink and watercolor on paper

Artwork by Rob Schamberger

Printed on 11" x 14" 130 pound uncoated cover stock, perfect for framing!

I wanted to get the 'YES' chant in, but I've done several paintings of him doing that, but I hadn't done any with the crowd doing it. So then I thought about my perception of the crowd doing the YES chant and I remembered when I was at WrestleMania 30, looking down at tens of thousands of people doing it and thinking it looked like something from the movie 30 Days Later.

Zombies are still cool, right?

Okay, so I also wanted to show Bryan's fire during his comeback and I thought it'd be a powerful juxtaposition of him being surrounded by the crowd doing the chant while he's got his fist clenched and violence in his eyes. Taking inspiration from the zombie manga series 'I Am a Hero' where the main character is in color and everything around him is black and white on the covers, I felt I had a composition.

Then I painted it. There you go.