Nikkita Lyons: Threat

Ink, watercolor, marker and colored pencil on 11" x 14" bristol board

Artwork by Rob Schamberger, painted in 2022

Nikkita Lyons has made as big of an impact in her debut as anyone in recent memory so I knew I needed to do her portrait sooner than later. She's a quadruple threat as a musician, martial artist, dancer and pro wrestler so for this piece I used four different mediums to create it. First I laid down an undercoat of watercolor as a primer and to set the overall tone. Second, I outlined the circle in the background and her figure with a pink marker to give this a slightly different feel from what I normally do. 

Third, I laid down the deepest shadows with black ink. Fourth, I made her pop off of the composition by using colored pencils to model the light and how it plays off of her.

Nikkita Lyons is new to the scene and this proved to be a great opportunity to push myself in new directions creatively!