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Select Series Wave Thirty: Ruthless Aggression Edition! 

Ink and watercolor on watercolor paper

Artwork by Rob Schamberger

Printed on four 4" x 6" 130 pound uncoated cover stock prints, perfect for framing! Limited to 25, signed and numbered by the artist.

Twenty years ago in 2002 we saw the debuts of Batista, John Cena, Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar to herald the Ruthless Aggression era of WWE. I’m celebrating their debuts with this Select Series wave, each with their early looks to show just how far they’ve all come. Twenty years! It’s wild that at one point each of these men, who have gone on to dominate not just WWE but Hollywood, mixed martial arts and more, were new faces on the scene with so many at the time saying there was no way they could carry on from the Attitude Era.

Wild, right? We rarely recognize what we have at the time and no one has any idea just how successful someone can go on to be. That we had these guys and so many others debut within a year of each other and then go on to be the megastars they now are is a testament to each of them.